How to select filin traps ?

Probably everyone wondered what options to choose. Among & nbsp; & nbsp; of numerous parameters and options I always wanted to choose a product that would meet all the desired requirements and at the same time be affordable.

By choosing filin traps in our online store, you will always be sure of a quality product , and our managers will be happy to help you choose what you have been looking for & nbsp; . Be confident in yourself .

100F Camera Trap Filin-3G
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100F Camera Trap Filin-3G

【Big battery】 Battery :2000mAhBattery Life :3 months The gadget has a good battery that allows you to work offline for a long time. This makes the device comfortable to use, since there is no need for constant charging.
Motion Sensor :Support
Battery :2000mAh
Battery Life :3 months
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