Professional Contact Microphone Super Wall Spy Audio Listening

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Professional Contact Microphone Super Wall Spy Audio Listening

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The wire wall is a compact, ultra-sensitive device that allows you to clearly capture the conversation that takes place even behind a concrete wall, the thickness of which is up to 70 cm. Externally, the wire looks like a black or shiny jar of small diameter (4 cm), so you can discreetly carry around in your pocket or bag.

The scope of the wire through the wall

Small and convenient device to listen through walls will come in handy in a variety of situations. For example, the most banal – if the neighbors bother you, shouting and loud music, it is enough to connect the wire recorder and record all their conversations. Using the microphone to listen wall to prevent adultery is a mystery and innuendo in the behavior of one of the spouses may be revealed with this device. Useful device in business – it will help to ensure the competence of employees hired you and discover talks of competitors. A wire through the wall to buy you can still for one purpose – it is often used to detect gas leaks, due to the fact that a very sensitive microphone can pick up the smallest vibrations of sound.

Features and benefits of wire walls

  • The device is extremely simple and easy to use – just put the microphone to the wall and adjust the volume.
  • With this super sensitive instrument you are able to effortlessly eavesdrop on a conversation even behind a concrete wall with thickness up to 70 cm.
  • You can also record what you hear by connecting to the wire walls of the recorder (sold separately) audio line input.
  • The distance of the wire depends on the thickness of the wall. When used on the wall thickness of 15-20 cm distance of the wire will be more than 10 m.

Characteristics and working principle

The features of wire wall__ Weight: 83 g Dimensions (l x W x h): 57 mm x 36 mm x 36 mm Active mode: up to 4 HR Humidity: 15-85% Range: Wall thickness up to 70cm Capacity of battery: 500mAh memory: up to 64GB Power: 220V battery: up to 4 days in disguise: no recording Capability: in the presence of the recorder
What's included
  • The wire for the walls with the sensor.
  • Volume control
  • The headphone Jack
  • A connector to connect the recorder
  • The wire To use, simply plug in your headphones and turn the volume control to the right.
    Setting Attention! When configuring the amplifier device gives strong impulses to the headphones, so we recommend you make the adjustment without inserting headphones in your ears. The device is very sensitive, so be careful.
    Charging For charging, connect the wire through the wall via cable to the charger. The duration of the charging process is about 2-4 hours.
    ATTENTION! We monitor the quality of all our products, so they are necessarily tested before selling. Provide a guarantee of 2 weeks, in case of failure the exchange within 24 hours. A wire through the wall to buy you can now place your order through the shopping cart or by calling listed on our site. With this useful gadget you can always get the information you need. The bottom of the page you can see customer reviews who purchased the wire through the wall wallbug in our online store.

    Tags: 101-63

    Ability to record: Yes
    Active mode : until 4 hours
    Battery capacity: 500mAh
    Battery life: until 4 days
    Disguise: No
    Humidity: 15-85%
    Memory: until 64 Gb
    Motion Sensor: Yes
    Power: 220V
    Range: In mobile network coverage
    Type of Сonnection: GSM
    Working temperature: ‘-20 +50
    Product Details
    Weight 83.00
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 57.00 x 36.00 x 36.00

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