Professional bugs, Listening Devices

Professional bugs, Listening Devices

Our online shop for a long time and has successfully specialized in the realization of devices for listening to anonymous (embedded bugs, telephone wiretaps, etc.). For our clients we have selected the best bugs to secretly obtain the necessary information. In our online shop you can buy the best quality and reliable devices that regularly last for years, performing their functions.

Why do people often acquire a wiretap?

Consider the basic situation in which a person needs to buy a wiretap to solve any problem (present to you the rating of the situations in which our customers had to buy bug):

Bugs become chiefs at various levels to ensure the efficiency of their employees when they are suspected of theft or the systematic non-compliance with obligations.

Very many of our customers enjoy the listening phones, check for bugs of its second half, in whose allegiance in doubt. Most customers complain when ordering that the suspect spouse (y) of treason, but, unfortunately, can not prove it.

The third place in our ranking is occupied by those customers who work at home nanny, looking after their children in the absence of the owners. Very often clients sneaking doubts about the correctness of the implementation of the hired servants of his duties.

Moreover, one in three people, according to opinion polls, would like to buy a wiretap to address any of your questions.

By the way, our shop is also involved in the sale of special equipment for active opposition to any listening devices. This so-called antizhuchki (field detectors), which quickly and easily can detect the radio-emitting devices (cameras, image transmission, camera, mobile phones detected trees carried discreetly in the ON state), the wiretap.

We all know that we live in a time of intense technological progress. Therefore, today the modern listening devices become more powerful and miniaturized. Therefore we can not give any guarantees on what you have in the office or at home does not set any bug due to which your competitors are getting the right information about you.

FM Radio bugs, mobile phone and bugs have become commonplace, which is no surprise. Therefore, our shop is ready to offer a unique device to search for, locate and protect against radiozhuchkov and listening, such as:

Due to our products (in particular - call recording system), you may become available: listening of any room, listening phone. For example, electronic bugs to help listen to the apartment and bring his wife (her husband) to clean water. If you put a bug in the office, you can get all the records of negotiations and to check its business partners. Enjoy any bugs industrial and economic espionage devices radiozhuchki (radio bugs), wireless microphones, the latest devices for listening mobile, cellular, GSM phones.

High-quality, modern bugs, presented in our shop are commonly used for listening gsm. Of course, with this specific task they will cope fine. But be aware that their broad functionality will be useful for the solution of other problems.

Some models bugs, with signal transmission for mobile communications lines can be used as an excellent signal. The appearance of the noise on the object the user will be notified in the on line mode. Such a device is irreplaceable at work and at home. Small bugs used for listening, installed quickly and quietly. Their operation will not cause difficulties even for the average person. Some of these devices are in the form of handles, ashtrays, flash drives and other items. Others - are different, for example, a small size or high sensitivity.

In our store you can buy cheap mini bug, which will be used for listening gsm. Preliminary consultation with the responsible employees of the store will help more precisely to order based on the technical features of the model, as well as all user requirements.

"Beetle behind wall 8" Micro FM Transmitter Mini Bug Wiretap Dictagraph Intercepto Working time: about 5 months nail size
Ex Tax: $81.60
In Stock Product Code: 364
N8 BEHIND-THE-WALL BUGDescriptionFeatures:●    Brand new and high quality● &nb..
GPS GSM Security Tracker Callback Mini A8 for Kids Child Old Car With SOS Button Real Time Tracker
Ex Tax: $34.00
In Stock Product Code: 101-64
GSM TRACKER A8DescriptionFeatures:·       Hide the tracker anywhere (car, bag, pocket) due to its s..
N9 Wireless GSM Listen Audio Bug Audio Monitor Surveillance Device Audio Voice Detect SIM Card Spy Ear Bug Alarm Trigger Minitor GSM RealTime Listen Audio with CALL BACK FUNCTION
Ex Tax: $68.00
Pre-Order Product Code: 101-55
MINI VOICE SURVEILLANCE BUGDescriptionFeatures:Brand new and high qualityCovert, easy to useUltra ti..
FM Audio Surveillance wireless microphone FM transmitter frequency: 85-115 MHZ Radio FM Transmitter Wireless Microphone
Ex Tax: $132.60
Pre-Order Product Code: 101-91
MINI RADIO BUG DescriptionFeatures:●    Brand new and high quality●    Covert, easy to adjust and..
USB PC Mouse Style Hidden Ear Bug GSM SIM Card Voice Bug Audio Surveillance Listening Device
Ex Tax: $93.50
Pre-Order Product Code: 101-71
COMPUTER MOUSE BUGDescriptionFeatures:●    Brand new and high quality●  &..
Quadband GSM SIM Activated Power EU Plugboard Socket Spy Voice Bug Monitor activacion by Voice
Ex Tax: $34.00
Pre-Order Product Code: 101-73
POWER OUTLET STRIP GSM MICROPHONEDescriptionFeatures:Brand new and high qualityCovert, easy to insta..
Vehicle Car Charger Global GPS Locator Tracker Professional Ear Bug Listening Device Voice Callback Audio Surveillance Spy Hidden Vehicle
Ex Tax: $134.30
In Stock Product Code: 101-84
AUTOMOBILE BUG + TRACKERDescriptionFeatures:●    Brand new and high quality● &..
N11 Mini Realtime Spy GSM GPRS GPS Tracker KID Car Dog System Tracker Device Locator Pickup Positioning Tracker Telemonitoring Listen
Ex Tax: $73.10
In Stock Product Code: 101-56
MINI GLOBAL GSM TRACKERDescriptionFeatures:·       You can hide the t..
Mini Gsm Bug Sim Card Listening
Ex Tax: $69.70
In Stock Product Code: 101-57
Compact and powerful wiretappingby installing which you will be able to listen to conversations wit..
CW-03 Micro Wireless Audio Receive Transmitter bug Wireless HD Voice Audio Black
Ex Tax: $124.10
Pre-Order Product Code: 101-58
MICRO AUDIO RECEIVER TRANSMITTERDescriptionFeatures:High quality, difficult to spot, durable body4 d..
Cx990 Spy Bug Receiver Listening Device Wireless HD Voice Transmission Mp3 Play
Ex Tax: $197.20
In Stock Product Code: 101-65
SPY BUG RECORDING RECEIVER TRANSMITTERDescriptionFeatures:Low power, low cost, high quality, high re..
Wireless GSM SIM Card Spy Mini Ear Bug USB wall charger listening device
Ex Tax: $135.15
Pre-Order Product Code: 101-85
GSM BUG WALL CHARGERDescriptionFeatures:●    Brand new and high quality●  ..
8X Extreme Sound Amplifier Spy Ear Bionic Listening Device Observing Recorder Spy Listening Device
Ex Tax: $102.00
Pre-Order Product Code: 101-62
SUPER EAR DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONEDescriptionFeatures:●    Brand new and high quality..

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