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Hidden Camera Belt
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Mini Spy Camera With Video Resolution :1080p via Matrix :CMOS excellent resolution for the camera. When choosing a portable camera pay attention to Battery :280mAh at the same time Battery Life :40 minutes .Viewing angle :100 ° allows you to capture everything you need at the right angle. Don't worry if the memory is full, the overwrite function always works.
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Night Vision:no
Remote Control Type :WiFi
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Another from spy devices, which probably could possess James bond is a strap with the camera. This device consists of a professional camera, which is located on (in) men's or women's accessory, has the ability to shoot high quality video with good resolution of 640×480 at 30FPS (30 frames per second). The quality of the recorded video (1.3 megapixels) is pretty good for this type of device. Videos are always saved in AVI format which can be read by a standard player media Windows. The maximum length of video that can make the strap with the camera approximately 60 minutes. Video recorded on the internal memory, partition this memory to 4 gigabytes. The sound of the strap with the camera is reproduced in the WAV format, which is the main audio format for most playback systems, and is also used as a standard format for these files on your computer in addition, the strap with the camera has a USB 2.0 version specification USB connectors, with which you have the opportunity to connect this device with personal computer. it should be noted only with the latest versions of WINDOWS operating systems : WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS XP and WINDOWS 7.
Works built-in mini camera in two modes: continuous video and sensor. The device starts recording the conversation when reaching the noise threshold of 65 dB. Due to the miniaturization of modern devices, it became possible to place high-quality camera in the belt buckle.
Under the side cover of the gadget buttons to control the device. Pressing the middle button, movie recording starts by pressing the built-in mini camera is turned off. Camera control is intuitive in nature, so the problems with her work can not arise.
Night Vision no
Photo Resolution 1080p
Video Resolution 1080p
Remote Control Type WiFi
Matrix CMOS
Availability of WiFi no
Battery 280mAh
Viewing angle 100 °
MicroSD Support 64 GB
Battery Life 40 minutes
Memory usage 1 GB / 10 min
Equipment Camera - 1 piece battery charger - 1 piece instruction - 1 pc

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